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Customers Module

Customers Module

Your customers’ data is stored in the database and you can export their information whenever to an excel file or add them manually with a CSV import function. 

To create new customer accounts, go under Customers on your dashboard menu then select “ADD NEW” from that drop-down list; it’ll open up into another form where all fields are filled out automatically based on what’s already there (first names/last name and etc..) 

With the customer’s information already filled in, all that is left to do now is save their profile by clicking on SAVE

With a functional and searchable toolbar, you can sort by your customer’s name or email address.

Customers are important to any business, so it’s best not to just delete them without thinking about what will happen. If you want a specific customer back or some other type of change in your database then go ahead and edit their information right where they stand! You can also remove all customers at once by selecting several items using the checkboxes below each entry field – this allows for fast deletion rather than editing individual records one-by-one which might take forever if there are 100s involved…

Updated on July 28, 2022